Whole Family Matters & Community Enablement Project


The need for WHOLE FAMILY MATTERS & COMMUNITY ENABLEMENT PROJECT has always been expressed by service users. The issues tackled by this project have come up when ICA Trustees and Volunteers have provided support to the Whole Family in order to resolve issues related to family disputes, sibling disputes, disputes between schools & parents/pupils. In addition, ICA volunteers have also supported people with issues arising from the involvement of Social Services, the Police and Health Services (GP registrations and accessing acute and
secondary services connected with FGM).

The support and services provided have highlighted a substantial need to improve
the capabilities and capacities of parents to play an active and constructive role in
nurturing and supporting their children. Service Users incapacity to deal with
agencies such as social services, health services, the Police and Schools when
young people have been involved suggest a serious lack of understanding and
capability. If this is not addressed, service users will not be effective in their support
to achieve outcomes which can prevent long term harm to the life trajectory of the
young people and their families.

Developing parental capacity is a major plank in the solution to remedy the deficit
that families acutely feel. Developing the capacity of our younger volunteers who are
already excellent role models, is another plank in future alleviation of the problems
the migrant diasporas face.