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At Ileys CA, we understand that since the family is the foundation of society, the WHOLE FAMILY MATTERS. What does "the complete family" mean? We refer to the entire family when we say "whole family." We are aware that the nuclear family is no longer the only type of family that exists in modern society. These forms of family arrangements, along with adoptive families, childless families, single parent families, extended families, step families, etc., are all included in this programme.

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Warm hubs are welcoming, secure public locations where locals can expect a warm welcome this winter. They are accessible to everyone, but they are especially helpful if you live in a house that is difficult to heat, are alone, or are concerned about your energy costs.


‘Young Adult Enterprise Hub [YAEH]’

This capacity building project is designed to give young people the ability to challenge and replace their negative thoughts and develop the ability to regulate their skills, self-awareness and social awareness, growth mindsets, thinking skills, and the ability to express themselves assertively through mentorship work between learner and graduate students. As they get ready for their bright futures, young people taking part in the project will also improve their peer interactions and problem-solving abilities.

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With the goal of leveraging young people's interests, aspirations, and enthusiasm for sports and transforming them into skills and qualifications necessary for them to take advantage of career prospects, the Sports2Work is a sports and skills development programme. 

With the help of its partner organisations, such as the IDiamond Academy, Lodge Youth and Community Centre, Bangladeshi Women's Association, African French Speaking, Muslim Sports Foundation and the Bangladeshi Regeneration Council, Sports4Work has been achieving its goals since its establishment.

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Employment Hub

Our employment programme, which is supported by the European Social Agency, has offered many people the opportunity to actively seek employment, with many of them succeeding. Our support staff was available to help with job searching, cv writing, applications, and training to earn certifications.

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