After School/Homework club

This runs five days a week (Monday till Friday from 4:30 till 7:30 pm) during term time. The majority of school age Somali children are in households where English is the second language, and many of the parents have had very little or no education themselves, and therefore struggle to support their children with their education.The primary objective of this activity is to raise children’s confidence and understanding of the classroom environment. This service is run by a dedicated group of volunteer teachers.


This activity has been established as a direct response to parents concerns of their children educational achievements, which generally is poor, compared to their counterparts at School. Therefore, the club runs classes in Maths, English and Science.

The age range of the children attending the club over the last year was 8 to16yr olds.


We charge a small fee for these classes, despite this the classes are full with an average attendance of 20 -25 children, and currently we have a waiting list.

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