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Volunteering opportunities 

leys Community Association aims to: help service users and volunteers make a vital contribution to our aims. We recognise the added value that volunteers bring to our organisation and those who use our services.


Supporting our tutors and assisting in small classes in English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), including family learning, after school clubs and holiday workshops.

Soup Kitchen  

Rewarding opportunity to help and serve at our community soup kitchen. Design and prepare Menu content, serve meals on outreach or help cook meals to hand out to the Community in need. 

Sports Assistant  
Trustee roles

Getting involved in sports and coaching session, developing skills and knowledge. Providing assistance to  Qualified coach in training and keeping fit sessions. 

Office & Administration 

Ileys Community Association trustees are volunteers who use their skills, knowledge and experience to help guide and govern their local Citizens Advice. They work with the Chief Executive and other staff to shape strategy and give direction to the local Centre.

Our admin and customer service volunteers contribute to the day to day running of the Centre making sure that everything runs smoothly. These roles may involve welcoming clients face to face, answering the phone, filing, sorting post, and typing up information.

Youth Activities  

Help setting up youth club sessions as well as taking part and leading  youth forum meeting, planning and delivering trips, events and competitions 

Media & Technology 

Some volunteers help to promote the local service, raising the profile in the local community to help people know how they can use the local centre services, how they can volunteer and promoting local and national campaigns. Our volunteers might arrange events or talks, write press releases, use social media and so on.

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To apply, for  volunteering opportunities available at our centre. Complete the short form and we will then get in touch with you to discuss options.
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