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                                    we are a vibrant, grassroots organisation that works with the local community in the West Midlands and beyond. We are the Ileys Community Association.

Promoting the Rights and Welfare of Refugees and Asylum Seeker

Our Team

abdulqadir bage-.jpg
Abdulgadir Ali


Ahmed Sirad


Nur Al Islam

Employment & Volunteer Co-ordinator

SAid ID.jpg
Said Odowa

Family Support Co-ordinator & Advice Worker

Fartun ID.jpg
Fartun Mohamud

Family Support Co-ordinator & Advice Worker

Fatima Id bage-.jpg
Usman Id bage-.jpg
Fatima Sharif


Osman Farah

(Building Caretaker & Support Worker)

Our Offerings
To offer the community a thorough referral service and help service recipients access mainstream service delivery in the areas of housing, health, education, and other services. Ileys promotes community cohesion and assists the integration of recent immigrants into British society.
Our Mission

Run by volunteers and only paying for essential skills (such as job counselling, qualified childcare workers, and qualified teachers) that are necessary to assure the provision of high-quality services (ESOL and vocational training).


The objectives of the organisation are to provide a comprehensive referral service for the community and assist service users to access mainstream service provision in housing, health, education and other services.

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